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Screenshots of Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
  • Endless ATC (free)
Description of Endless ATC (free) (from google play)

In this simulation game, you are an air traffic controller at the approach radar of a busy airport. The goal is to guide the planes safely to the ILS (Instrument Landing System) of the runways to get a high score. If you make no errors, the number of planes you have to control gets larger and larger. How many flights at a time can you handle?

The game shows you a radar screen with planes and runways. Planes are generated randomly. To keep it fun and playable, this ATC sim is a bit simplified compared to real life, but it's all on scale and the planes behave realistically.
A warning for users who are unfamiliar with aviation: due to high realism, this game may bore or frustrate you, so please read the instructions below first. :)

Select a plane, give it a descend instruction (to about 2000 feet), guide it to the thin blue line at a large distance from the runway, and clear it for approach by enabling ILS mode, which means it will follow the line to the runway (given that the plane captures the line at a shallow angle). It's also handy to check out the screenshots and the video. Then just try it! More detailed instructions:

• sequence the traffic to the ILS path in front of a landing runway. The runway is depicted as a blue line with a number; the ILS path is the thin blue line extending from the runway. In order to capture this ILS beam, a plane must comply to three conditions:
(1) the ILS mode of the plane is activated,
(2) the plane is descended low enough to intercept the glideslope from below; the blue circles mark the altitudes of 2000, 3000 and 4000 feet,
(3) the plane must intercept the ILS at a heading of 50 degrees or less with respect to the runway (aim for about 30 degrees).
If captured correctly, it will follow the line and land automatically on the runway. Note that it takes some time for a plane to descend to the selected altitude. When a plane is fully established, it will be handed over the the tower and then you score skill points. For parallel approaches, maintain 1000 feet vertical separation until both planes are localizer established.
• Departing aircraft determine their heading and speed themselves; they only require an instruction (when it's safe) to climb to a higher altitude: flight level 130.
• You can also lose skill points when planes:
(1) fly too close to eachother (generally: overlapping circles and altitude difference <1000 feet),
(2) leave the airspace (outer grey circle), also if they are departures but leave the airspace at or below FL100,
(3) missed approaches/go arounds.
• The amount of planes that you have to control is about the same as the amount of skill points you have: the higher the skill value, the more planes you have to deal with. You can also achieve 'goals' by landing a certain amount of planes in the correct way.
• Some planes have an additional 'RD' tag; only these planes need to land on the secondary 'RD' airport.

In the menu there are options like a speed multiplier, and a 'skill cap' for a more relaxed gameplay: this 'cap' limits the skill value so the rate of inbound traffic will also be limited. Set sound mode to 2 or 3 for pilot speech via android TTS (uses US and UK language).

For more detailed instructions go to https://startgrid.blogspot.com/2013/11/endless-atc-instructions.html

• endless amount of planes, multiple runways,
• give radar vectors like a real air traffic controller,
• amount of traffic adapts to your skill level,
• pause and high simulation speed modes,
• automatically saving game; resume where you left off,
• pilot voices,
• no internet connection required,
• no ads,
• it's free.

The game plays best on big screens. If you have feedback, please send me an email.

Version history Endless ATC (free)
New in Endless ATC 3.9.9
- fixed some glitches/issues with the new label styles
- move sidebar to the other side of the screen quicker by swiping from the menu button
- improved holding entry turns

- new display option: choose between 3 different plane label styles
- departure handoffs are only allowed from 3000+ feet above ground (but higher is safer)
New in Endless ATC 3.9.7
v3.9.7: fixed issue where planes sometimes didn't go around while they should

- traffic updated
- added better explanation for beginners
- bugfix
New in Endless ATC 3.9.6
- traffic updated
- added better explanation for beginners
- bugfix to avoid a freeze when changing traffic mode
New in Endless ATC 3.9.5
- Wake turbulence distance is more clearly displayed; the arcs have a better visibility and the required distance is also given in the infotext line when a plane is on approach.
- Increased the amount of traffic to the secondary airport.
- 3.9.5: Added mouse support.
New in Endless ATC 3.9.3
- More departures from secondary airport 'RD' when flow mode is enabled (after setting a high skill value first). Several other minor traffic adjustments.
- Flow limit increased to 180 planes per hour.
- Added multiwindow support (android 7+) to allow for multitasking; only useful on large screens.
New in Endless ATC 3.9.0
- added more wake turbulence categories ('recat'), allowing for more efficient wake turbulence separation on the localizer (less go arounds).
- wake arc on the localizer will adapt dynamically to the required distance between two plane categories (instead of always displaying two arcs for 'H' and 'M' category distance).
- planes inbound 'RD' airport have a slightly different label color, so they're easier to distinguish from planes inbound to main airport.
- bugfixes.
New in Endless ATC 3.8.1
- More customizable traffic rate: options to adjust cap and skill level, or set a fixed flow of traffic, or disable traffic to the secondary airport.
- More display settings: range rings and XL font size.
- Several bugfixes and adjustments.

For more variation and challenge: the full version now has Tokyo and Toronto airports, and customizable weather.
New in Endless ATC 3.7.5
- higher departure capacity from parallel runways
- inactive runways/airports are visible (in grey)
- app targets Oreo and has an updated icon
- v3.7.5: bugfixes
New in Endless ATC 3.7.3
- higher departure capacity from parallel runways
- inactive runways/airports are visible (in grey)
- LLZ mode is now hidden behind a longpress between the altitude buttons
- app targets Oreo and has an updated icon
- bugfixes
New in Endless ATC 3.6.2
- doubletaping SID selects the highest altitude automatically, and doubletapping ILS enables the new LLZ mode (cleared for the localizer only, tap it again for the full approach clearance)
- if you don't like to handoff planes manually, then pilots eventually won't give a call anymore when they switch frequency automatically (reduces repetative messages)
- after a long delay a plane will divert automatically
- some minor adjustments and bug fixes
New in Endless ATC 3.5.3
- bugfix and minor adjustments
- faster speech rate when time multiplier is enabled

- make turns greater than 180 degrees, up to 360 degrees
- switch sidebar to the other side
New in Endless ATC 3.5.2
v3.5.2: bugfixes

- planes can make turns greater than 180 degrees, up to 360 degrees
- adjusted penalty for separation incidents
- tower can reduce speed of planes that are too close to a preceding plane
- button added in menu to switch sidebar to the other side
New in Endless ATC 3.5.0
v3.5:- planes can make turns greater than 180 degrees- doubletap between heading buttons to make a 360 over right or left- adjusted penalty for separation incidents- tower can reduce speed of planes that are too close to a preceding plane- button added in menu to switch sidebar to the other side
New in Endless ATC 3.4.2
v3.4:- added two finger pan/zoom- green text at the bottom now fits on screen, and the blue text of a selected plane remains visible till OK is clicked- no auto altitude change anymore when enabling SID mode- added warning message before Cap is enabled for the first time- yellow wake arcs for clarityBy the way, the full version (with five more airports), is now on sale!
New in Endless ATC 3.3.4
v3.3.4:- press and hold 'cap' button to lower the skill value (reduce traffic), and holding it till 4.0 now closes the airspace entirely
New in Endless ATC 3.3.2
v3.3 has various minor adjustments, including:- reduced separation to 2.5NM for planes on the ILS closer than 10 miles from the runway; this avoids incidents due to compression when planes reduce their speed- category 'super' aircraft now have a J in the label instead of an S
New in Endless ATC 3.2.4
v3.2.4:- Incident alarm sound is now silenced when you select an involving plane
New in Endless ATC 3.2.3
v3.2.3:- easier expediting climb, by doubletapping in the middle between the altitude buttons- full aircraft trail now always stored on exit/app switch- slightly more departures- and other minor bugfixes/adjustmentsP.s. the full version is now 33% off!
New in Endless ATC 3.2.2
v3.2.2:- wake turbulence arcs better visible- delays trigger a bit later- TTS improvementsv3.2.1:- extended ILS range a bit- more regular inbound traffic to secondairy airport RD
New in Endless ATC 3.2.1
v3.2.1:- extended ILS range a bit- more regular inbound traffic to secondairy airport RD- plus several minor adjustments and bugfixes
New in Endless ATC 3.2.0
v3.2.0:- more departures- added label background when a plane is selected, for better visibility- reduced separation requirements during simultaneous takeoffs, and shortly after go-arounds to avoid double penalties.- several minor adjustmentsAlso, the game is now available on Steam too.
New in Endless ATC 3.1.6
v3.1.6:- custom zoom level, by doubletap + drag up/down- auto reposition of labels for parallel approaching planes to avoid overlap- it's now easier to see departure route for planes still at tower control- several optimizations and bugfixes
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